As Twitchy reported, TIME is “standing by” its most recent cover depicting an unfeeling President Trump looking down on a crying two-year-old child, who was cropped from an image taken by a Getty photographer at the border.

The image, see, is supposed to be a “visible symbol” of the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their families at the border. Except multiple sources, including the girl’s father and the border control agent who searched her mother — who was illegally re-entering the US after she was previously deported in 2013 — say the little girl was never separated from her mother; her mother simply set her down for a few seconds while she was being searched.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote a piece about how the TIME cover is so powerful, although that piece now includes an editor’s note at the bottom: “CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correctly describe the image of the crying girl on the Time cover.”

The piece gets it right this time:

The image, taken by photographer John Moore, showing a girl crying as her mother is searched has instantly become the touchstone of the family separation crisis. That scared little girl juxtaposed against the towering Trump — looming over her in a black suit — is a startling image.

But … if the image has “instantly become the touchstone of the family separation crisis” but the little girl was never separated from her illegal immigrant mother … doesn’t that make this fake news? (To be honest, to us it looks like Trump’s wearing a navy suit, not black, but whatever.)

So yes, it’s a powerful cover.