Remember the time Melania Trump left to visit the relief effort in Houston from Hurricane Harvey and the media questioned her choice to wear stiletto heels, which one reporter deemed “not exactly disaster friendly”? Of course, she changed into tennis shoes on the plane, but it gave the media something to gripe about.

That’s why Allahpundit over at Twitchy sister site Hot Air is right today when he says FLOTUS should apologize: “Not for the message on her jacket but for inadvertently subjecting America to all of the stupid, predictable late-night jokes this is going to inspire.”

We like to think the first lady was just trolling the media, and of course, CNN’s Jim Acosta was among those to bite:

“I hope the media isn’t going to choose to focus on her wardrobe.” Yeah, right.

Acosta did some research at The Daily Mail to learn more about the jacket.

And just as with her previous trip to Texas, Mrs. Trump changed clothes on the plane, so no, she wasn’t wearing the jacket while visiting the children.

Yep … how do we know she’s still not using a body double since that, ahem, “kidney surgery”?

Did the jacket project the best optics now that the media has people so worked up over family separations that people are doxxing ICE agents to harass at their homes and their kids’ schools? Probably not. But we like to think if there was an intended message, it was for the press and whatever they have to say about the first lady’s trip.

Just to pick up that particular jacket with that particular message, obviously.

If that job was trolling, she succeeded. As Twitchy already reported, progressives were already prepared to tear into her visit, so why not?

For the record, here’s what she wore to tour the actual social services center in McAllen, Texas.

Good optics? No. But we’re really looking forward to the CNN panel tonight deconstructing #Jacketgate.