The hashtag #mprraccoon actually topped Twitter’s trending topics for a while Tuesday as St. Paul residents and Americans across the country were captivated by a raccoon that was scaling UBS Tower, making it more than 20 floors up before taking a break on a windowsill.

People were tweeting they couldn’t sleep not knowing if #mprraccoon was safe, although some cat food and a trap had been placed on the rooftop to entice the raccoon to finish its climb, which it did early this morning.

There were tens of thousands of tweets about #mprraccoon, but this gem from today is probably our favorite by a mile:


Good to know, considering the next best plan was putting a bunch of mattresses on the sidewalk.

* * *

Editor’s note: We accidentally wrote St. Louis instead of St. Paul — that has been corrected. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out.