You might have seen social media light up about a week ago with liberals screaming that the media wasn’t covering the 4,645 who had died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria — even CNN’s poor Brian Stelter, who hadn’t tweeted about Puerto Rico in seven months, did a podcast on the topic, “Is the media failing Puerto Rico?”

The number spread so widely that San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz had a hat made up for media appearances.

However, many other media outlets and Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post debunked the faulty Harvard study that came up with that number, which has recently been reported by officials as closer to 1,400.

Any death is tragic, but placing the death toll at over 4,000 sure makes President Trump and FEMA look worse, doesn’t it?

Apparently unaware that that 4,645 number has been debunked, Sally Kohn on Wednesday started spreading the word that the death toll was actually over 5,000.

That right … Jews control the weather, according to Democratic D.C. lawmaker Trayon White. Blame them for Maria.

The search for truth … Sally Kohn … that’s funny.

The rest of the tweet is a mouthful too, blaming climate change, “disaster capitalist exploitation,” and “state-sponsored killing.”

At least the media is taking a break from spreading those fake numbers of school shootings to cover Puerto Rico.


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