NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who was grilled at CNN’s very premature “town hall” over the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, really is owed another CNN town hall, considering all we’ve learned about the Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s response to the shooting and the numerous red flags that were overlooked by law enforcement.

Now the Miami Herald is reporting on a sworn video-recorded statement released by prosecutors on Tuesday evening in which security guard Andrew Medina is interviewed. Medina was the first to spot the shooter on campus and immediately “began frantically texting fellow security guards.”

The Miami Herald once again reported on the PROMISE program that helped keep Cruz out of the criminal justice system:

Medina’s testimony to detectives details what became alarmingly clear after the shooting: School officials long knew about Cruz’s bouts of rage, obsession with weapons and Nazi imagery and violent outbursts against fellow students. Cruz was also assigned to a controversial program that diverts troubled students to alternative schools over the criminal-justice system — critics contend the program encourages a culture of lax discipline. The Broward County School District says he never showed up for those classes.

Yet, Cruz had avoided any arrests, and despite his history of mental health problems, was able to buy a cache of weapons.