As Twitchy reported, many on the Left expressed their outrage at the Trump administration after a photo of illegal immigrant children being housed in cages began making the rounds on social media. It turns out, though, that most progressives were too busy hitting the retweet button to notice that the photo accompanied an Arizona Central news article from 2014 … and who was president then?

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau was among those who tweeted (“This is happening right now”) and then deleted the photo after noticing the date, and he accompanied his deletion with an 11-point thread about how Republicans don’t want to fix our broken immigration system and instead are “perpetrating cruel and inhumane policies” — like keeping kids in cages?

We know that Favreau thinks he’s tied a nice bow on the whole incident, but Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday brought up Favreau’s deleted tweet and drew Favreau’s ire.

Favreau then pointed Hewitt to his epic thread on immigration, but he also served up this shocker of a confession (heavy sarcasm there):

Whoa — he never, EVER would have posted that picture if he’d known it was taken during his boss’s administration? No way.

This guy was a speechwriter?

Nice guy that he is, Hewitt gave Favreau the benefit of the doubt:


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