Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau finally responded to his now infamous deleted tweet that incorrectly labeled photos from 2014 as occurring in the present day, saying he should’ve checked the date first but others journos made the same mistake so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

But this description of what he did is a little too self-serving. He went from criticizing the images to defending Obama for doing the best he could under the circumstances:

And he’s STILL defending it:

And as we’ve told you earlier today, what Trump is doing is not “COMPLETELY” different It’s only slightly different as thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants were separated from their parents during the Obama years:

Trump’s policy of separating families at the time of arrest, and people can disagree on it, is to try to prevent future illegal immigrants from traveling to the U.S. in fruitless quest for citizenship. The same thing happened during the Obama years, except back then it was hoped that housing families together in detention centers would act as a deterrent:

DHS chief Jeh Johnson evern called the policy a deterrent in public:

Favreau ended with a plea to fix our broken immigration system, which could get done if only Dems would give Trump funding for the wall (which will never be built anyway and any funds will just be used to fix or improve the existing fence):




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