It was just about a year ago when Hillary Clinton emerged from the Chappaqua woods to announce that her “Stronger Together” presidential campaign was transforming into dark money group “Onward Together.” Here’s how Josh Barro summed it up at the time:

It appears Clinton really is ready to take your money. According to The Intercept, the Democratic National Committee “is paying $1.65 million for access to the email list, voter data, and software produced by Hillary for America during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Add another $700,000 for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to rent the email list, and you’ve got yourself close to $2.4 million.

The Intercept notes that “in 2015, Barack Obama gave his email list, valued at $1,942,640, to the DNC as an in-kind contribution.”

Even Obama declared, at a certain point, you’ve made enough money … but we suppose that doesn’t apply to Hillary.

She really could have given them a discount seeing how they kneecapped Bernie Sanders for her.


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