Just a couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton announced her return to politics, but not via the run for New York City mayor that some had reportedly been buzzing about behind the scenes. Instead, she’d be doing what Clintons do best: amassing large piles of money through her new organization, Onward Together.

There must be someone left who held back a couple of bucks from her presidential run.

Clinton announced that Onward Together, comprising former aides and donors, would help fund groups that have impressed her since her 2016 loss. In a series of tweets Monday, she announced the winners of the lottery.

Howard Dean’s involved? It’s difficult to repress the maniacal scream of enthusiasm welling up in our souls, but we’ll do it.

“Onward!” sounds like something the queen’s chariot driver would shout as he whipped the horses into action … which makes it perfect. What are the chances some of that money ends up back in Hillary’s own campaign coffers?

Hillary Clinton’s vision was pretty clear: to ride on her predecessor’s coattails while enjoying the title of first woman president.

Clinton’s supporters are thrilled that she’s back, and Trump supporters are giving her high marks as well, for jumping back into the public eye just when the media had convinced the national that James Comey’s firing spelled the end of the Trump presidency.

And please, keep donating.

* * *