You might remember it was after not the Parkland school shooting but the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Fla., when it seemed like every journalist out there either 1) purchased an AR-15 to show how easy they were to obtain (if you’re not a felon and can pass a background check) or 2) hit the gun range to try out this “killing machine” and report on it.

Remember the New York Daily News’ Gersh Kuntzman, who wrote that firing an AR-15 at the gun range sickened him with the smell of “sulfur and destruction” and gave him “a temporary case of PTSD”?

Yeah, we went through all that again after Parkland, as CNN sent reporter Gary Tuchman to the gun range to apparently demonstrate the incorrect stance for firing a rifle.

We’re going to give Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor Kyle Kashuv a pass, though, because he’s personally been thrown into the gun control debate and he’s actually met with quite a few lawmakers (and the president and first lady) — so it wouldn’t hurt to know what he’s actually talking about.

On Friday night, Kashuv posted pics of him with his instructor and admitted it’s the first time he’d ever held a gun.

That certainly triggered plenty of gun control advocates:

Something tells us Twitter might very soon ban any possibly “triggering” gun videos; YouTube recently rolled out its new gun video policies, banning, for example, videos that show users how to install certain accessories or modifications.

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Kashuv later shared one of the first things he learned at the range that might be helpful for anti-gun activists to know:


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