As Twitchy reported, ABC News on Sunday night aired an interview with former FBI director James Comey by anchor George Stephanopoulos, in which Comey surprisingly came out against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, saying Trump’s fate should be left to the voters.

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel on Monday decided to list a few questions she thought Comey should have been asked, and those few questions quickly turned into an epic-length thread:

It’s true that the original opposition research done by Fusion GPS was paid for by the conservative Washington Free Beacon; however, none of the work done then ended up in the dossier — that came later, after the DNC and the Clinton campaign hired Fusion.

Good question.

Yep — the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed that Comey drafted the statement he was to use at the end of Clinton investigation months before interviewing Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Loretta Lynch asked Comey to refer to the Clinton case as “an FBI matter” and not an investigation?

Maybe Stephanopoulos was saving those questions for Part 2? Will anyone bring them up as Steele embarks on his inevitable publicity tour for his new book?


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