It wasn’t that long ago that the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” decided on the perfect project to “piss off” Vice President Mike Pence: launch an LGBT parody of a children’s book written by Pence’s daughter, Charlotte, the proceeds from which were slated to go toward a nonprofit dedicated to stopping human trafficking and an art therapy program at a children’s hospital. That certainly sounds like something that needed to be targeted.

On Sunday night, Oliver revealed the latest target of his “comedy”: crisis pregnancy centers.

The Hill reports that Oliver teamed up with former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Rachel Dratch to create their own mobile crisis pregnancy center called “Vanned Parenthood.”

“I tell women if they get an abortion, it’ll make a ghost baby that’ll haunt their hoo-ha forever!” Dratch quipped.

Hey, Planned Parenthood gave the skit its seal of approval:

Lila Rose and others, not so much.

Yeah, do a skit about a woman haggling over the price of baby parts at lunch because Lamborghinis don’t pay for themselves.