Pastor John Pavlovitz, author of “A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community,” has a message for all of you gun-loving adults out there. He wants you to stop trolling anti-gun Parkland survivors and just shut up and listen to the superheroes like Emma Gonzalez.

Pavlovitz explains further on his blog:

Teenagers have a really low tolerance for bullshit, which is why they are speaking with such clarity and conviction right now.

It’s why they mince no words and reject every bit of verbal gymnastics about the 2nd Amendment, and about liberty, and about guns not killing people.

It’s why they unapologetically raise a strident middle finger to the sinful sham of “thoughts and prayers,” because they know that the friends and teachers they lost deserve a heck of a lot more than that.

This isn’t the time to tell us why you love your guns, or to share anecdotal stories about people stopping crimes with AR-15s, or to offer condescension to these teenagers, as if you understand something they don’t.

This is the time to shut your mouth and yield the floor to them.

This is the time to have some reverence, because you are the in presence of heroic young people.

So just shut up, OK? Oprah and George Clooney and Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg each put up $500,000 so these kids could have a microphone and countless TV cameras in Washington, D.C. with a little organizational boost from Everytown, so just shut up and listen.

Has Pavlovitz seen how quickly Kyle Kashuv has moved among legislators and the president in his bid for school safety reforms? He’s a superhero too, right? Tell Kurt Eichenwald to lay off if you feel compelled to tell someone to shut up and stop trolling.

Just shut up and listen, OK? Agreed?




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