Word is that President Trump is currently working with state governors to send the National Guard to the Mexican border immediately to meet a “caravan” of Central American immigrants currently making its way through Mexico and headed for the United States to either apply for refugee status or enter the U.S. illegally upon arrival.

Tomi Lahren had an idea to welcome this caravan of immigrants:

It sounds like Lahren might have a deal, at least as far as Chelsea Handler is concerned. Hander reminded Lahren, though, that she has a huge house and there’d be no need for a tent city outdoors — she’s got room for everyone.

So … they’re invited to stay? Or is she just bragging about the size of her house? We wonder if her house has a fence around it; you know, so her guards armed with single-shot muskets (they don’t carry semi-automatics, she claims) have something to patrol at night? That fence should probably go.

Maybe Handler thinks she can pitch this to Netflix as a reality show to make a few more million.

None … Chelsea’s mansion is just like a little California unto itself. Maybe she can secede and run her own country.