As Twitchy reported, Parkland survivor and media mainstay David Hogg was given the chance to take the high road after Laura Ingraham apologized for a tweet mocking him for being rejected by four colleges, but instead, he doubled down, saying an apology was not enough.

You know who else is in this fight? Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, who was declared a fragile “cuckservative” for canceling his subscription to Hulu.

Fawcett, identified by Dangerous as a senior-ranking employee of the Government of Alberta, Canada, deleted the tweet and blocked Kashuv, but that wasn’t the end of it. Deleted tweets never disappear completely.

As it stands now, Fawcett has also protected his account, after many questioned his tweet where he claimed he’d apologized already.

Didn’t realize he was a Parkland student, huh?

Before Fawcett protected his tweets, he did make an attempt at an apology: