Are we past the point now where it is forbidden to criticize the FBI or any of the country’s intelligence agencies? Because there’s more news out Wednesday night about leaks to The Intercept.

Remember last year when government contractor Reality Winner was alleged to have passed a classified NSA report to The Intercept? Looks like we’re doing that again.

Minnesota Public Radio reports:

A Minneapolis FBI agent who started his career with the agency as an intern in 2000 has been charged with leaking classified information to the news website The Intercept.

Terry James Albury, who was assigned as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport liaison working on counterterrorism matters, was charged this week by the Justice Department’s National Security Division with one count of “knowingly and willfully” transmitting documents and information relating to national defense to a reporter for a national news organization. Albury was also charged with a second count of refusing to hand over documents to the government.

“The Intercept does not discuss anonymous sources” says a statement posted on their website, but they sure do seem to burn them.