As Twitchy reported, ABC sitcom “Roseanne” returned to the air after more than 20 years Tuesday night to a massive audience and great reviews. We learn early on that “deplorable” Trump voter Roseanne and her sister Jackie, showing up at the door wearing a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt and a pussy hat, have been estranged since the 2016 election. Greg Gutfeld described it this way:

At its core, though, the show remained the same as ever; like most sitcoms, everyone overcomes their differences and love triumphs over all. New additions to the show included an elementary school-age grandson who likes to wear girls’ clothing.

Ben Shapiro has an interesting take on the reboot that goes beyond the idea that critics are lauding the show for taking a respectful look at a Trump voter whose main attraction to Trump was apparently that he talked about jobs — and that’s about it.

That seems to be the role filled by Roseanne’s husband Dan — he’s the blue-collar worker and social conservative who, like many sitcom husbands, gets straightened out by the end of the episode and comes to terms with his grandson wearing skirts by the end of the half-hour.

He’s got a point. We now have a Trump voter as a protagonist, but we’re not betting they’ll get to any “build the wall” episodes anytime too soon.