We’ve heard plenty since the Parkland mass shooting about repealing the Second Amendment, and the latest has come from former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in an op-ed in Tuesday’s New York Times.

Stevens’ op-ed has a lot of people talking about repealing the Second Amendment, but just how many actually want to do it? For the answer to that question, we turn to the results of a recent poll by the Economist and YouGov, published in The Washington Post Tuesday:

That’s their headline? One in five Americans want the Second Amendment repealed? Plenty, including Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, were happy to rewrite it for free.

That seems to represent the result of the poll more accurately. Here’s another improved rewrite from Salena Zito:

Yes, definitely run in the 2018 midterms on repealing the Second Amendment — are you going to believe a poll or all those high school kids bussed into Washington, D.C., for a march?


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