There’s a promo video out promoting Saturday’s “March for Our Lives” in Washington, D.C., and around the country, and 1) of course it focuses on school children, and 2) it makes it very clear that the NRA is the primary target.

“To the NRA, who pretend that weapons designed to maximize human slaughter have anything to do with the Second Amendment, we see you,” reads one line of the script.

One thing’s for sure: these kids, or whoever is putting words in their mouths, are fully invested in the idea that the NRA is to blame for school shootings, and that the American people by a huge margin support gun control — it’s only NRA donations that keep legislators from passing a full-on gun ban.

It must be great to be Sheriff Scott Israel and know you can not only sail through CNN’s town hall on guns but also apparently live free of any responsibility for those deaths in Florida.

Also notice how careful the makers were to include only high-school age children in the video, lest they expose any number of leftist organizations funding and helping organize this thing, like Planned Parenthood and Everytown for Gun Safety? Sure, they can pull strings behind the curtain, but let’s leave the kids up front and center.

If anything, the march should inspire even more hot takes on the Second Amendment: