As Twitchy told you recently, turning in your AR-15 to the police (or sawing it in half) is the new hotness. A lot more people are buying AR-15s than surrendering them to the authorities, but for some reason ABC News wanted to highlight the story of a man, Steve Hemmert, who decided to sell his firearms to the police.

Meghan Keneally writes:

Hemmert, who was a member of the Army Reserves, is familiar with guns. He said he used to enjoy going to the shooting range, sometimes with his teenage daughter, firing two of his AR-style rifles.

But now, after the Parkland shooting, the fun is gone.

And soon, too, will his guns: Hemmert sold the guns back to the Miami Police Department this weekend as part of its gun buyback program.

“It was like a transformation between thinking of guns as kind of a fun hobby, to my God, these exact types of rifles just killed kids in my community,” he told ABC News.

Hemmert, who got a $250 Visa gift card for each of his guns, said he hopes that “owning ARs becomes toxic, almost like wearing fur or owning ivory. It just becomes socially unacceptable to own AR rifles.”

A voluntary gun buyback program? Sounds good to us — if you can’t handling owning firearms anymore, by all means, you shouldn’t own them.

Police said the AR-15s would be “examined and possibly destroyed if found to be stolen or involved in a crime.”