As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, former CIA Director (and nonpartisan American) John Brennan weighed in on President Donald Trump’s tweet lauding the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, going the full drama queen route:

Brennan certainly has the bluster when he needs it, but just in case his tweet about America “triumphing over” the president it elected didn’t sound threatening enough, Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations unmasked herself to give a warning to Trump:

Why exactly is that, pray tell? Any personal anecdotes to share, or are those being saved for yet another tell-all book?

Oh, Brennan will tweet again, you can bet on that. He might even do a guest panelist hit on MSNBC some night.

Told you.

Libya is barely Libya anymore thanks to the bang-up job by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her entourage.

We know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but maybe find a moment to spare to celebrate Nikki Haley today:


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