Nicholas Pappas, a comedy writer and one of the seven plaintiffs in a suit arguing that President Trump illegally blocked them on Twitter, had his day in court Thursday.

The New York Times reported that Justice Department lawyers argued that Trump’s Twitter feed is not a public forum and no one was meaningfully excluded from it. But Pappas tweeted Thursday that “the judge made an important point that those blocked aren’t the only ones harmed.” So be thankful — he’s suing the president not just for himself, but for you:

Pappas tweeted Wednesday before going to court as well to explain his suit:

We’re not fans of blocks — we get blocked a lot — but we also recognize that Twitter’s block function is what it is. So if Trump can’t block anyone, does that mean no public official can block anyone? What about elected officials who don’t have Twitter accounts? Are they obligated to offer constituents this “public forum”?

And if Shannon Watts is helping set gun control policy, can we force her to unblock the half of Twitter she’s already blocked?

He is a comedy writer.

According to The Times, the seven plaintiffs “were joined in the lawsuit by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. Their lawyers claimed that Mr. Trump’s Twitter feed is an official government account and that blocking users from following it was a violation of their First Amendment rights.”

At least Pappas doesn’t have us blocked so we can enjoy his comedy stylings:

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