It’s been a while since we’ve heard the media talk about Russia (unless you count Rep. Adam Schiff dumping his memo over the weekend). And as much as the impeach Trump crowd would like to see Russia return to the headlines, Sen. Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to be in a talking mood.

CNN’s Manu Raju tried to talk to Sanders Monday about the Russians allegedly helping his campaign.

“Did Russians aid your campaign, Senator?”

In other news, Politico is calling B.S. on Sanders’ claim that he tipped off the Hillary Clinton campaign to Russian trolling.

Politico reports:

Twice this week, in response to questions about whether he benefited from the Russian effort, as prosecutors allege, or did enough to stop it, Sanders said a staffer passed information to Hillary Clinton’s aides about a suspected Russian troll operation.

It turns out that the purported Sanders’ staffer who said he tried to sound the alarm was a campaign volunteer who acted on his own, without any contact or direction from the Vermont senator or his staff.

But Trump!