Wow — how long ago does it seem when the national crisis was Confederate monuments and statues? Baltimore was busy removing all of them in the dead of night before protesters could get to them, and in Charlottesville, city workers were tasked with covering them all with big black tarps.

That was last summer, and one of the monuments pulled down by protesters/vandals was in Durham, North Carolina. That one was notable for the woman leading the protest, a pro-North Korea Marxist-Leninist and student at North Carolina Central University.

On Monday, one defendant was acquitted and two others had their charges dismissed by a judge. On Tuesday, Durham County District Attorney Roger Echols dropped the charges against the remaining five defendants, whose trials were to begin April 2.

Looks like the mob wins this one.

Just for fun, here’s video of the mob toppling the statue and then kicking it after it fell.


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