The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that, with the deadline to apply for financial aid through the California Dream Act only two weeks away, only a little more than half of last year’s total number of students have applied.

The Times reports:

Applications dipped last year as well, until state officials sounded the alarm. Ultimately, after weeks of advocacy and “cash for college” events to spread the word, 36,127 applications came in — slightly more than the year before.

This year, advocates enlisted the help of rapper DJ Khaled, who appears in a public service announcement, telling young people how to “secure the bag” so they can pay for college.

This has Sen. Kamala Harris, who calls the dip in applications “a direct product of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda,” upset.

Serious question: Has Harris ever been this upset about anything that affects American citizens?

Because it’s California and they have more money than they know how to spend, apparently.


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