As Twitchy reported Thursday, a University of Central Florida student named Kathy Zhu (@PoliticalKathy) was the target of a campaign to have her expelled after she refused to try on a hijab for #NationalHijabDay.

Rayyan Sukkarieh (@anotherarabb), who helped organize the “try on a hijab” event on campus, called for Twitter to “do its thing” and “get this girl expelled.” After the story blew up, Sukkarieh locked down her Twitter account and moved to another handle — but now she’s back, and her tweets lobbying for an expulsion are back up.

The UFC Knight News picked up on the story and interviewed Zhu, who said, “I think it’s kind of ridiculous how people are trying to censor others for disagreeing with them, and then trying to get them kicked out. That’s the definition of fascism.” Sukkarieh declined to be interviewed.

The Knight News also received a statement from the university, which had concluded that “neither student’s actions as reported to the university violate our Rules of Conduct.” So much for expulsion, then.

For those who are interested, Sukkarieh posted a lengthy thread on the hijab to counter Zhu’s assertion that it’s “oppressive.”

Fine, as long as we can make the incident an opportunity to educate those ignorant of the First Amendment.

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The saga continues:


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