Last April, Nate Silver argued that it was “painfully obvious” that the media and James Comey had cost Hillary Clinton the election. It was Oct. 28th, just before the election, when then-FBI director Comey told Congress that he was reviewing additional emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Comey, who had formerly been a hero to Clinton supporters for not recommending prosecution, suddenly became their worst enemy for dropping such a bomb so close to the election. But if the FBI had its way, would Comey have waited until after Nov. 8 to break the news?

The Washington Post asks those questions in a report Tuesday.

Devlin Barrett and Karoun Demirjian report:

The inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, has been asking witnesses why FBI leadership seemed unwilling to move forward on the examination of emails found on the laptop of former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) until late October — about three weeks after first being alerted to the issue, according to these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

A key question of the internal investigation is whether [Andrew] McCabe or anyone else at the FBI wanted to avoid taking action on the laptop findings until after the Nov. 8 election, these people said. It is unclear whether the inspector general has reached any conclusions on that point.

McCabe, who either left or was forced out of the FBI Monday, is “a central figure in those inquiries,” they report.

FBI agents discovered the emails in September — “But for a period of at least three weeks, according to people involved at the time, nothing much happened — a lag that has sparked the inspector general’s questions.”

Maybe this was the bit from the upcoming Inspector General’s report that inspired McCabe’s exit?

Either way, some people do not want to hear about Hillary’s emails ever again.

Maybe next time around the Democrats will nominate someone who isn’t under an FBI investigation … just sayin’.


The plot thickens: Looks more and more like Andrew McCabe’s departure was linked to pending IG report