As Twitchy reported Monday, the Democrats were out in force once the House Intelligence Committee voted to #ReleaseTheMemo to the public (pending review by President Trump). Overall, the spin is that committee chair Devin Nunes, who authored the report, is attacking the FBI and the intelligence community.

Rep. Ted Lieu reassured liberals that the release of the Nunes memo was akin to Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault, while others took a more aggressive approach. Rep. Eric Swalwell has repeatedly called the report a “brainwashing memo” pushed by Russian bots.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, though, came right out on CNN and told Chris Cuomo that Republicans on the committee had “made up a memo that isn’t even true” and were “lying to the American people.”

However, sources say senior FBI officials have now seen the memo and aren’t finding the lies. Fox News Sunday producer Pat Ward tweeted:

Those are all fair points, but it certainly does pose a challenge to the narrative being shopped by Pelosi — that the memo is “made up.”

What the Democrats have is their own counter-memo, which the committee voted not to release. Rep. Mark Meadows has read it, and shared his impressions on Twitter Tuesday.

So even the memo written to counter the Nunes memo doesn’t cite any factual inaccuracies in the Nunes memo? Could Nancy Pelosi be lying?


Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls Devin Nunes ‘a stooge of the White House’ in advance of memo release