The White House is expected to officially reveal its immigration plan Monday, but plenty of details are leaking out already thanks to a conference call that included the media.

We’d certainly like to know who said it, but according to CNN’s Jim Acosta, “immigration advocates” were already calling the plan DOA and “a legislative burning cross.”

A path to citizenship for 1.8 million DREAMers is “dead on arrival” and “a legislative burning cross”? Tough crowd. Again, we don’t know who talked to Jim Acosta or Ed O’Keefe, but it’s not hard to find hardcore opponents of the deal. Check out this take from far-left Democracy for America:


A lot of people seem to be advising pundits to wait until Monday for details, seeing as President Trump is currently in Davos and Stephen Miller hosted the conference call.

Have the popcorn ready for that.

Again, we don’t know who Acosta was talking to, but they didn’t like the idea of immigration limited to nuclear families (just mom and dad and the kids … no grandparents, aunts or uncles).

Stay tuned …

* * *


Here we go. The “legislative burning cross” language comes from the fine folks at United We Dream. Way to win hearts and minds, guys.


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