You might remember the uproar from a day ago about the gender pay gap on display in Hollywood, right after Tinseltown celebrated itself for joining the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements at the Golden Globes.

It all arose from a report that actor Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 for reshoots of the film “All the Money in the World,” while co-star Michelle Williams made less than $1,000.

The Wrap looked into the story in a little more detail, and the discrepancy might have a lot less to do with sexism than believed.

Williams received only a per diem of $80 a day, as USA Today first reported. Her contract required her to do reshoots, which turned out to be much more extensive than planned because director Ridley Scott re-cast disgraced actor Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer.

Wahlberg received more than 1000 times as much money as she did because reshoots were not in his contract, according to an individual with knowledge of the deal. It’s no surprise that Wahlberg’s agent, Ari Emanuel, demanded top dollar: Their dynamic inspired Wahlberg’s series “Entourage,” in which an Emanuel-inspired agent’s ruthlessness is a running gag.

Some actors need to find better agents or at least read their contracts first.

The Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold looked at it this way:


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