It always makes us laugh when liberals hoist themselves on their own metaphorical petard, but this one is especially great.

Remember the Ridley Scott movie that was reshot after Kevin Spacey’s past sexual misconduct came to light? The film,  “All The Money In The World,” also starred Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg and those two had to come in to do reshoots with Spacey’s replacement, Christopher Plummer. But it’s just been reported that Wahlberg was paid over a million dollars more for his time than castmate Williams:


Which means liberals in Hollywood are angry at other liberals in Hollywood for paying a liberal woman in Hollywood less than a liberal male actor in Hollywood for the same amount of work:

And it looks like the liberal director of the film lied to other liberals in Hollywood about how much he was paying the liberal actors for their time. From HuffPo:

When asked about the reshoot costs in December, Scott told USA Today that they were “not as expensive as you think” because “everyone did it for nothing.”

“They all came in free,” Scott said. “Christopher had to get paid. But Michelle, no. Me, no. I wouldn’t do that.”

Now, there’s obviously an argument to be made that Wahlberg should get paid more for his time:

But, again … this is a bunch of liberals who love to lecture us and what’s right while in reality, they’re the ones not practicing what they preach:

Oh, and we can ad the liberal agency into the mix as both Williams and Wahlberg are repped by WME:

So, Wahlberg’s agent was better than Williams’?

That would work.