President Donald Trump’s tweet about the size of his nuclear button rattled much of Twitter Tuesday night, to the point where it sent Neera Tanden’s teenage daughter into a panic about nuclear war with North Korea (not unlike how The New York Times’ Charles Blow was triggered last August by Trump’s promise of “fire and fury” should Kim Jong Un try anything).

Vox founder Ezra Klein didn’t say he was sent into a panic, but he did wonder if “increasing the risk of nuclear war” could get Trump kicked off of Twitter.


It really, really seems — especially since former sheriff David Clarke got put in time-out — that getting Trump banned from Twitter is the new getting Trump impeached. The more remote that goal seems, the more desperate people seem to be hoping a terms of service violation will fill in the hole in their lives.

Straightforward from here.

Good for you. Look for the UPS truck with your Nobel Peace Prize any day now.

Now that we think of it, didn’t Klein ask about “increasing the risk of nuclear war”? If that’s the case, a rather childish Trump tweet certainly can’t compare to, say, sending pallets of cash to a terrorist regime bent on developing nukes.

Boom. Might as well throw the Clinton administration in there as well.

This really is tedious. You know Kim Jong Un has been trying to de-escalate things for a while, but what’s he to do when Trump keeps on tweeting?

Some advice for Klein and company:


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