As Twitchy reported earlier, there’s been quite a bit of buzz Tuesday about Mitt Romney running for a Senate seat in Utah now that Orrin Hatch has declared he’s retiring in 2018.

Team Hillary has already expressed its butthurt that “the media” didn’t immediately suggest that Romney take up knitting, and now ThinkProgress justice editor Ian Millhiser‏ has popped up with another of his consistently horrible takes. It looks like he’s already trying to dissuade Romney from running by making the gig sound terrible and suggesting only a fool would want it.

OK, but wouldn’t that also apply to, say, every Democrat who lives far from D.C.?

Actually, none of Millhiser’s tweet makes any sense.

No one from either side of the aisle seems to be on board with this take.

So far …

* * *


That doesn’t sound at all like what he wrote the first time; this guy’s an editor, you say?


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