Rumblings that failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney might be running for a Senate seat in Utah have really gotten to Team Hillary, who aren’t at all feeling the enthusiasm bubbling up around Romney. After all, it wasn’t long ago that a writer in a snarky Vanity Fair video suggested that Hillary Clinton take up knitting — or any hobby, for that matter — rather than consider another run.

Vanity Fair apologized for posting that video, saying it “missed the mark.” However, the video really seems to have left a mark. We thought we’d noticed a trend, but The Free Beacon’s David Rutz was kind enough to compile the tweets for us:

The writer who spoke that “take up knitting” line locked down her account in the ensuing backlash, which was enormous. Team Hillary still hasn’t gotten over it — check out these three tweets from campaign alumni, all posted within a half-hour of each other.

Somebody hit a nerve.

Make it happen.


Vanity Fair writer locks down account amid backlash against ‘sad, misogynistic hit piece’ on Hillary