Fledgling activist Chelsea Handler is really getting the hang of it, tweeting almost exclusively about President Trump. Even when she tries to “let loose and forget about Trump,” she posts a video of herself collapsing into a bathtub — presumably, the strain of not thinking about Trump was too much to withstand.

Wednesday’s outrage: now that Trump has signed into law tax cuts that will kill tens of thousands, he’s moving on to birds.

So, is Trump just moving from species to species in his killing spree? The Resistance isn’t taking the news well.

Um … all Trump did was roll back an Obama-era policy that would fine power companies for “taking” migratory birds without a permit. In other words, that wind farm won’t be considered to have broken the law every time a bird flies into a clean-power windmill.

Birds are going to be killed in wind farms and power lines regardless; the question is, do you fine the power company each time it happens?



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