Let’s all pause for just one second to appreciate the fact that Nikki Haley and not John Brennan is our ambassador to the United Nations. Haley’s been kicking ass and taking names at the UN and threatening to pull US finding from that useless body if it continues to vote against US interests, like an embassy in Jerusalem.

Plenty of progressives have been crying about Trump alienating the rest of the world, but what would it take to gain their favor? Fortunately, that’s not a question on the table, now that we have Haley backed in word and deed by President Trump.

Notice how former CIA director Brennan leaves Haley out of his equation and goes right for Trump.


No kidding. They should be thankful the U.S. has built them such a lavish playground in New York and leave it at that. And notice Brennan made no mention of America’s own “sovereign right” to put its embassy wherever it damn well wishes.


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