We’d hate to ruin anyone’s Saturday night, but attorney and law professor Seth Abramson is on a bit of a tear and is convinced that special counsel Robert Mueller’s firing, though only rumored, poses a constitutional crisis and an actual emergency.

If this were an actual emergency … well, never mind that, because Abramson is certain this is an actual emergency, and he’s provided instructions to those members of The Resistance running around in a panic.

Hang in there with us for a bit …

Actually, on second thought, forget about it. Abramson’s thread runs over 24 tweets, not to mention 5 postscripts. Let’s just skip to the bottom, OK?

Abramson really ought to hook up with the Trump-deranged Beyoncé professor — those two have a lot in common. Abramson sure knows how to get The Resistance riled up, though.

Preppers. Heh.


* * *

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