You know what was genuinely sad? That video that fledgling political activist Chelsea Handler posted of her letting loose and forgetting about Donald Trump, which looked to the untrained eye like a woman trying to dance and eventually collapsing into an empty bathtub.

Don’t think that by letting loose that one time Handler is easing up on her arch-nemesis. Just Friday she compared him to a remedial penguin, whatever that is.

Watching Donald Trump speak “is like watching a remedial penguin try to make a speech.” Wow … The Resistance must be so relieved to have her on board.

Classy as always was Juanita Broaddrick:

SHUT UP! She’s a full-time political activist now.

It’s a toss-up with Rosie O’Donnell — too close to call at this point.

Remedial penguins. Don’t they have it tough enough already without being dragged on social media?

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