As Twitchy reported Thursday, Rep. Trent Franks announced he was resigning from Congress effective Jan. 31, 2018, noting in a statement that the Ethics Committee was reviewing his “discussion of surrogacy with two previous female subordinates,” which made them feel uncomfortable.

However, Franks on Friday made his resignation effective immediately, citing his wife’s hospitalization. “After discussing options with my family,” Franks said, “we came to the conclusion that the best thing for our family now would be for me to tender my previous resignation effective today, December 8th, 2017.”

In his statement, Franks said only that he had discussed surrogacy with female subordinates, but on Friday night, the AP and CNN reported that Franks offered a former aide $5 million to carry his child.

Sunlen Serfaty reports:

The head of a prominent conservative group was present last week when a woman who has accused Rep. Trent Franks of asking her to be a surrogate for his child in exchange for $5 million detailed her allegations to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s staff.

Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, told CNN that the accuser — a former aide whom she did not name — said that she was asked to look over a contract to carry Franks’ child. If she conceived his child, she would be given $5 million, according to Lafferty.

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