As everyone knows by now, the Senate passed the GOP tax reform bill, and some have taken quite an apocalyptic tone over the idea of tax cuts. Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald has declared America dead, and comic Patton Oswalt tweeted, “There’s no America now.”

Over a tax bill passing the Senate.

Actor Billy Eichner of “American Horror Story” though has decided to take a look on the bright side. He’s run the numbers and says he’ll be getting a new swimming pool stocked with “a LOT of gay guys” out of the deal. (Thanks for the warning though; we conservatives sure wouldn’t want to catch “teh gay.”)

We’re guessing “getting crushed by the new tax bill” is a reference to all those working-class voters who won’t see a substantial tax cut … because they’re not paying taxes anyway.

Pretty woke of Eichner to hire working-class Trump voters to build his new pool for him; I’m certain they’ll appreciate the business.

We get the bit, but still, if Eichner wants to build a new swimming pool with HIS OWN MONEY, that’s great. And if he’d choose instead to donate HIS OWN MONEY to charity, that would be fine too.


Sorry, the class envy isn’t kicking in yet, but keep trying. And good for Taylor Swift.

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