Twitchy already checked in with ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd regarding the passage of the GOP’s tax reform bill. In short, Dowd, like Chelsea Handler, called into question the “Christian values” of anyone who voted in favor of the tax plan.

Actor and comic Billy Eichner tried to make a point by sarcastically thanking working-class Trump voters for buying him a new swimming pool, but of course, that’s what Eichner imagines “the rich” will be doing with any tax savings. Then again, he could always donate to charity.

Dowd seems to think he’s getting back at Senate Republicans and their supporters, though, by “threatening” to donate any tax savings to charity.


Well, most recently, we’ve seen evidence that “the common good” according to the U.S. government includes paying off accusers so they don’t file sexual harassment lawsuits.

And notice how Dowd says he’s donating to charities … and not continuing to pay taxes at a higher rate? If he’s such a believer in government, why isn’t he promising to write a larger check to the IRS instead of fooling around with charities? Who knows better about the common good that government?

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