As Twitchy reported, ABC News on Friday had to pour some cold water on a giddy Joy Behar and issue a correction after Brian Ross incorrectly reported that Donald Trump, as a candidate, directed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians.

That sure sounded to The Resistance like Flynn was admitting that Trump colluded with the Russians during the election, but the story wasn’t quite that juicy; Trump, after being elected, had directed Flynn to contact Russia on issues including fighting ISIS. Not quite the same.

It was a costly mistake, literally. Oliver Darcy noted that ABC News’ incorrect reporting likely caused the stock market to tank.

The error will be somewhat less costly for Brian Ross personally, who has been suspended without pay for four weeks.

Oh no!

The ladies of “The View” proved long ago there’s nothing they can’t get away with saying on that show.


Interesting …

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HEADS SHOULD ROLL: ABC News corrects Brian Ross on ‘candidate’ Trump vs. President-elect Trump