As Twitchy reported, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, where she awkwardly defended Rep. John Conyers against allegations of sexual harassment.

Of course, the Democrats’ mantra during the 2016 campaign was that women were to be heard and believed, but questioned on NBC about Conyers, all Pelosi was able to do was call Conyers an “icon” and admit that she didn’t know his accusers. “They have not really come forward,” she explained.

Pelosi has been trying to walk back that appearance ever since, and on Monday afternoon her office issued a statement that looks an awful lot like a failed attempt at damage control.

So she’s heard and believes Melanie Sloane, who described to her behavior that Pelosi labeled “unacceptable and disappointing.” But unacceptable how, exactly? There’s certainly no mention of Conyers’ resignation in the statement.

He’s still an icon and almost certainly a “champion of women” — which is what makes this so difficult.

* * *