Gee, what would give anyone the impression that Hillary Clinton hasn’t gracefully accepted her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump?

Could it be her endless book tour where she spends each stop talking about another reason she lost? Her refusal to accept that she was responsible for her loss? Her joke that she’d be going as “president” for Halloween in 2017? Her ruminations about being president on “Earth 2”?

For a New York Times reporter, Hillary’s recent appearance with husband Bill in Little Rock was reason enough to believe she still hasn’t gotten over it.

We think what the headline writer was trying to say was that it was clear at an event in Little Rock that Bill and Hillary and their supporters still haven’t gotten over her loss to Donald Trump. Then again, the man asking the New York Times to justify its headline also co-founded Hillary fan-site Verrit, so it’s not as though he’s moved on either.

Yeah, how dare the New York Times suggest Clinton’s supporters still haven’t gotten over her loss. Preposterous.