As Twitchy reported, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s wife Kayla has involved herself in her husband’s campaign, doing what she can to fend off allegations that Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with girls as young as 14.

Unfortunately, she’s not very good at it, and she keeps sharing on social media stories that have been debunked; for example, the idea that the Washington Post paid his accuser (the person who started that rumor has disappeared from Twitter) and another bogus story about a restaurant not existing when a waitress claims Moore signed her yearbook there.

The Moore campaign is doing what it can, though, and has set up a “Judge Moore Witch Hunt” link where people can report “inappropriate news organization contact.”

As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, there have been reports of robocalls from a supposed Washington Post reporter named “Bernie Bernstein” offering thousands for dirt on Moore — what looks like a pretty transparent attempt to back up the charge that the Post is paying women to accuse him.

So, will the Judge Moore Witch Hunt link turn things around?


Donald Trump’s war with the media has nothing on the Moore campaign.

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