Twitter user @Umpire43 — the guy responsible for the rumor that the Washington Post paid “1000$” for the Judge Roy Moore story, is gone from Twitter:

It’s not clear if he deleted the account himself or if Twitter booted from the platform. This comes after the account mass deleted all of its tweets on Monday:

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

Moore’s wife, Kayla, even promoted the rumor over on Facebook:

The mass deletion and subsequent entire removal of the account occurred after multiple inconsistencies were discovered with @Umpire43’s past tweets, especially those involving his alleged military service:

Such as his 2, 3 or 4 Purple Hearts:

The account claimed the multiple Purple Hearts were for his brothers, who allegedly died while in Vietnam. But one of the brothers who had reportedly died also lost both legs and still stood for the national anthem:

The account also claimed he was a Navy SEAL who served on aircraft carriers, but that story fell apart, too:

Other inconsistencies:

And his West Point son became a Navy SEAL:

Game over and good riddance.