If there’s one thing we learned from the Obama administration, it’s that Hillary Clinton didn’t have to lose the presidential election to be spending her time on late-night TV telling jokes; Madame President Clinton would have been on there slow-jamming the news weekly, probably.

But while some people were out screaming helplessly at the sky over her election loss on the one-year anniversary, Clinton herself was doing a bit on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers” called, “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” on account of his being a straight, white male. Funny already, huh?

The Hill has some highlights:

“The retractable roof on Atlanta’s NFL stadium is not working properly,” Meyers offered as a lead-in.

“Well, at least that ceiling’s broken,” Clinton said with a smile.

“According to a recent report, koalas may be extinct by 2040,” Meyers began for the final joke.

“And according to Fox News,” Clinton deadpanned, “that’s my fault.”

“I wish we were doing this out of a big, white house,” Clinton quipped at the end of the segment.

* * *