The brouhaha over Confederate statues (and Christopher Columbus statues, and Francis Scott Key statues, and George Washington plaques and Teddy Roosevelt statues and Stephen Foster statues) isn’t over yet. Campus Reform notes that three University of Tennessee professors have just published an academic paper calling for “landscape interventions” on campus to avoid doing psychological damage to students.

Toni Airaksinen writes:

… the professors call for “landscape interventions” to rename the monuments and promote a sense of “belonging” for minority students, and so establish a “more just landscape of racial identity and belonging.”

They even have a suggestion for how to go about replacing problematic names, suggesting that colleges “can carefully select surrogate names that are not benignly colorblind but instead actively remember and honor the lives of people of color.”

The goal, one author of the paper told Campus Reform, is to “mitigate the psychological harm that discriminatory public spaces impose on African Americans and their sense of belonging.”

* * *