Last week, Twitchy took its readers to school with “Resurrecting Slavery” author Crystal Marie Fleming, who taught us that “I condemn white supremacy” is the racist’s new “I’m not racist.”

It’s now another week and time for another class from Fleming; however, this time we have an anxious participant ready to answer.

How do you cope? Fortunately, “White Lies” author and sociologist Jessie Daniels was online to lead the discussion on what to do when your sanctimonious and self-serving social justice warfare has left you without any friends.

Hold up … If you’re a white person and having children for whom you want the best … how are you not part of the problem?

This sounds awfully familiar. In fact, it was just August when the leader of Black Lives Matters of Louisville encouraged white people to “give up the home you own to a black or brown family,” “will your property to a black or brown family,” and budget “so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing.”

No need … we just compiled them all here for class discussion.


* * *


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