As Twitchy reported, construction of eight border wall prototypes began Sept. 26 in San Diego, across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, with work expected to be finished within 30 days. That means work is just about wrapped up, and on Monday, the New York Daily News posted a photo gallery of the finished prototypes.

Four of the walls were made from concrete, while others were made from “alternative” materials; some incorporate a “see-through” feature. President Trump himself reportedly will pick the winner, though plenty weighed in on the project.

Companies that build walls should be boycotted and shamed for wanting a contract to build walls? Well, a California assemblyman did sponsor a bill that would make the state divest from any company participating in building Trump’s border wall.

Where’s the one with the moat filled with radioactive waste? No, really.

… says the guy with NYC in his handle. Welcome to the southern border.

Have you seen what’s there now?

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